DIY Boobhead

DIY Boobhead

"The boobhead is a humorous way for me to point a finger at how female bodies are objectified and censored at the same time. I don't understand why you can't post a picture of a naked woman on some social media sites. Why guys can be topless, but women can't be. I don't understand why the female body is forbidden. I made the boobhead because I wanted to find a way to post nipple selfies that couldn't be censored. I would love for a ton of women to make their own and wear them out. To do normal, everyday things wearing the boob. Go grocery shopping just to say there's nothing un-normal about this, it's a part of our bodies, why does it need censoring?"  

Artist Annique Delphine


Make Your Own Boobhead


You Will Need

Paper or Plastic Covered Work Table

54" Latex Balloon

Black Sharpie Marker

Household Bucket

Large Mixing Bowl

White Glue


Wire Whisk

Long Newspaper Strips

3 Household Paintbrushes in Varying Widths

White Acrylic Paint

Flesh Colored Acrylic Paint

Nipple Colored Acrylic Paint


Blow the latex balloon until it is slightly larger than the shape of your head. Tie the end into a knot. Draw a skinny neckline around the base of the balloon with a sharpie. Steady the balloon over your bucket. The bucket is used to shoulder the balloon, holding it in place. 

Pour two parts white glue (good ole' fashioned Elmer's works wonders) to one part water into your mixing bowl. Blend the glue and water mixture until smooth. This creates a papier mâché mixture. Dip a single newspaper strip into the papier mâché mix, covering both sides. Drain excess liquids over the mixing bowl by sliding the newspaper strip between two fingers. Smooth the moistened strip over your balloon. 

Repeat this process until the balloon his entirely covered above the neck line with papier mâché strips. Cover the balloon with four to five layers of strips. To make the nipple, dip a thick strip of newspaper into the mixture, drain and roll the paper in the palms of your hands to form the shape of your choice. Attach the nipple to the front of the balloon. Allow the balloon to dry overnight on top of the household bucket.

When the balloon is dry and hardened, pop it. Using largest paint brush, cover the boobhead with one layer of white acrylic paint . Allow the paint to dry for at least thirty minutes. When the white paint dries, cover the entire project with your flesh colored acrylic paint and medium brush. To color the nipple, use your darkest acrylic paint and smallest brush. Paint the protruding nipple, then fan a small circle of color to serve as the areola. Allow to dry completely before wearing!

Remember to wear with caution. There are no peep holes in this boobhead.

Words | Malika Ali Harding

Pictures | Brian Ali Harding